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Cuprum oxide (CuO)

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Cuprum Oxide Nanopowder (CuO)

Chemical institution

The powder consists for not less than 99,8% of mass oxide phases CuO and Cu2O. There are not more than 0,05% mass of other elements presence.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Powder of black colour. Average size of particles is 50-80 nm. The particles have spherical form. Some particles form microagglomerates. Powder bulk density is about 2,2 g/sm3. Specific surface area measured by BET is 15-20 m2/g. It has no smell.

Cuprum oxide powder can be used in science of materials, as additives to electrode materials for making highly conductive acid electrodes with high electro chemical activity.

Additional information

Количество, кг

от 1 до 5, от 5 до 10, более 10

Средний размер, нм

от 50 до 80


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