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Brass (Cu-Zn)

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Brass Nanopowder (Cu-Zn)

Chemical institution

The material consists for 60% of cuprum and for 40% of zinc. Absorbed gases were not defined (air, argon, carbon oxide). Contacting with the air active metal content decrease to 85-90%

Physical and chemical characteristics

Exterior view and colour: powder of golden colour. Average size of particles is 50-80 nm. Some particles form microagglomerates. Powder bulk density is about 3 g/sm3.

Melting point is about 900 C. Dry zinc particles easily form microagglomerates. It may ignite by short term contact (up to 30 sec) with low heating value source (burning match, for instance).

Brass powder can be used in catalyzes and science of materials.

Additional information

Количество, кг

от 1 до 5, от 5 до 10, более 10

Средний размер, нм

от 80 до 100


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