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Aluminium coated with palmitic acid (L-Al)

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Nanopowder of aluminium covered (L-ALEX)

Chemical institution

Material consists of active aluminium on 85-87%. Palmitic acid content is about 8-10%, oxide aluminium content is 5-7%.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Exterior view and colour: grey powder. The powder is highly agglomerated. Average particle size is from 90 to 110 nm. Powder density is 0,32-0,37 g/sm3. Melting point is 640 C. Electron microscopy of high resolution shows that there are many crystal defects in some particles. The powder does not react with water to boiling temperature. It ignites in the air with open fire interaction. It does not ignites under heating in dry air atmosphere at 80 C. It ignites at 300 C temperature.

L-ALEXTM may be used in pyrotechnics, materials science, and medicine. It may be used as an additive at making polymeric material with controlled level of flammability, hybrid rocket motors.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Средний размер, нм

от 90 до 110, от 50 до 70

Количество, кг

от 1 до 5, от 5 до 10, более 10


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