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Nickel (Ni)

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Nickel Nanopowder (Ni)

Chemical institution

The powder consists for not less than 99,8% of mass metal nickel.

The material composition of elements:

Ni=99,758%, Mg=0,041%, Al=0,058%, Si=0,049%, S=0,005%, Ti=0,010%, Fe=0,047%, Co=0,032%

Intensity of maximums of residual elements are small comparing peaks of nickel isotope, what shows high powder purity. Chemical institution was defined by electron probe microanalysis at Z>10 and sensitivity threshold 0,1-0,05% otn, and no additives found in the powder. Oxygen is not found by 20 measurements with sensitivity threshold ≥0,5% mass.

Presence of oxygen, defined by impulse reductive melting in inert gas flow (helium) using etalon – steel with 0,172% mass of oxygen, was 0,6% mass.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Powder of dark grey colour. Average size of particles is 70-80 nm. The particles are spherical and  form microagglomerates of 10 mkm size. Powder bulk density is about 0,66 g/sm3. Specific surface area measured by BET is 4,5-6,0 m2/g. X-ray phasic analysis shows that the material is a pure cristal nickel with GKC lattice and “a” parameter = 3,522 – 3,524 Å.

Additional information

Количество, кг

от 1 до 5, от 5 до 10, более 10

Средний размер, нм

от 70 до 80


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