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Titanium (Ti)

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Titanium Nanopowder (Ti)

Chemical institution

Material consists for 40-60% of hexane, and the rest is titanium powder. The titanium powder consists of metal titanium not less than 99,8% of its mass.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Exterior view and colour: pasty mass, from dark grey to black colour. Average size of particles in the powder is 80-110 nm. Particles have spherical shape and form agglomerates. Dry powder bulk density is about 2,85 g/sm 3.

Specific surface area measured by BET is 13,8 m2/g. Temperature of hypergolicity of suspension steams at the air is 338 C. Boiling temperature is 69 C. Flash point is about 22 C. Hexane is not imbibed by water. Titanium powder may self-ignite at the air after hexane extracting (evacuation, for instance).

The titanium powder can be used in medicine as implants, prosthesis, and tools; in aerospace industry; surgery, dental medicine.

Additional information

Количество, кг

от 1 до 5, от 5 до 10, более 10

Средний размер, нм

от 60 до 80


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